One of the cool things on Instagram is seeing the tweets/memes (yes, people share Twitter screenshots on Instagram), related to how people are overindulging

Yes, it is all fun and humor to keep things light during this time. But let’s be real, many of us have been eating more since confined to our homes (and some of y’all have been overeating and are using the quarantine as a cover-up).

Here is a list of ways to practice self-discipline and not eat all of your quarantine snacks.

Drink Water

First of all, you should be drinking water daily. Period. Our bodies are made up of 60% water. You need water for clear skin, to transport the nutrients from food throughout the body, to keep your joints healthy, etc. The list goes on.  

Specifically when it comes to weight loss, it is easy to misinterpret hunger for thirst. 

On, they list signs of dehydration, including your stomach feeling emptying, growling, and headaches.

Before you pick up a snack, train yourself to drink water first. Not only will you keep your body hydrated, but water is an appetite suppressant and can help you feel full with less calories.

Be Productive

Have you ever been so busy or focused on a task that you forgot to eat? Many of us have picked up the habit of eating out of boredom. Now, I am not promoting starvation, but what I am saying is the quarantine has unexpectedly given us more downtime than we can handle. So it is important to be productive/active. 

“Productivity” does not mean starting a side hustle, a business, applying for jobs (but I am not mad at you for putting money in your pocket.) Some of us need this break from life and/or are expressing trauma and anxiety from unemployment, lack of social interaction, and/or fear of catching the virus. You can be productive by doing activities you love and bring you joy, such as learning a new language, crafting, writing, gaming, meditation, etc. If you do not have any hobbies, use this time to find one because who knows for how long your ex or your sister will share their Netflix password with you.

All jokes aside, idle time is the devil’s workplace. In this case, the devil is those snacks you keep eyeballing every time you walk past your kitchen.

Have Someone Take Your Snacks

My FAVORITE healthy snack is Lenny and Larry’s Chocolate Chip Protein Cookies. In one cookie alone, there are 420 calories and 59g. Despite the nutrition facts, I can eat at least 2 per day. One time, when I had a box of four protein cookies (I usually only buy one at a time for this exact reason), to practice discipline, I asked my dad to take the protein cookies in his bag when he went to work. He was confused, so I had to explain my logic: If he has my protein cookies with him at work, they will not be at home. If the protein cookies are not home, I cannot eat them.

If you are living with people who are not leaving your home, ask them to hide your snacks in their room or a secret place.

And if you are the most disciplined one in your household, I guess you will have to do all of the hiding and taking.

Don’t Buy Unhealthy Snacks

Some of y’all live alone and have not been in contact with people you know so there is no one to hide your snacks. Eliminate the entire problem by not buying unhealthy snacks. 

You cannot eat what is not there.

Overindulging is bad no matter what, but it is better to overeat granola bars or natural fruit snacks versus hot chips, cookies, or sugary cereal. 

What do you do to practice discipline with snacking?