You’re confined to your home, you cannot go to the gym, and chances are you ate all of your snacks.

Because of COVID-19, many of our lives have drastically changed for the worse, causing feelings of panic, stress, frustration, confusion or all of the above. 

You may not want to hear this here is a reality check: 

  1. You cannot control what happens to you, but you can control how you respond.
  2. You are what you eat.

Instead of stressing over the shortage of toilet paper and expensive hand sanitizer, use this time to focus on your health so your body can fight off the Corona Virus.

Below is a list of my favorite foods that can boost your immune system.

Disclaimer: I encourage anyone reading this to conduct your own research

1. Spinach

Hands down one of my favorite, if not favorite, vegetables. People always clown me for eating spinach like potato chips. When I first started eating spinach in 2015, I had to force-feed myself to eat it, but as the years have passed and my weight/size began to drop, I fell in love with spinach and it is always on my grocery list.

According to, spinach is a good source of Vitamin A, which activates the mucous membrane to boost the immune system and fight viruses. (Ding ding ding ding we have a winner!)  

Like many vegetables, spinach is best when it is eaten raw or lightly cooked to maintain its nutritional value.  

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Spinach. Parsley. Ginger. Pineapple. Cucumber. Apple. Lemon. Cayenne.

2. Greek Yogurt

I love yogurt, especially a yogurt parfait with granola and fruits. It is great for breakfast and/or a snack. suggests eating plain Greek yogurt to give your body Vitamin D aka an immune system booster. 

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Greek Yogurt. PB. Strawberry. Banana. Cinnamon. Granola. Almonds.

3. Oranges

Oranges are near and dear to my heart. One of my highlights of Christmas time, besides toys of course, was receiving oranges. (Don’t judge me because my mom was invested in my health.)

Everybody and their mom knows that oranges are a good source of Vitamin C, which is needed to boost the immune system. But did you know that oranges can keep your body hydrated, which is imperative to preventing your body from catching the Corona Virus? ranked oranges as one of the top 30 hydrating foods, containing 87% water.

Just make sure when you are peeling your oranges, you are careful so you do not squirt juice in your eye or worse, get juice under your nails because it WILL sting and burn.

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Orange. Carrot. Lemon. Ginger.

What foods do you enjoy eating that boost your immune system?

About the Blogger

Nya Brooks is a professional feminist, writer, and podcaster.  She took her health and wellness journey seriously in 2015 when she realized she had to practice healthy habits in order to be a good role model for adolescent girls. Nya embraces healthy living through walking, drinking water, and eating spinach daily. Outside of blogging and health & wellness, Nya enjoys podcasting, Cardi B, and spending time with her nieces. 

IG/Twitter/Tik Tok: @nigh_yuh